mercredi 25 avril 2012

Ways for casting spells back at home

Love spells are generally used for several reasons like for drawing back your lover from someone else or to find an ideal partner, the perfect soul mate or for fixing some kind of quarrels which has happened between two love hearts, married couples, etc. These love spells for free which are casted are a kind of red-magic which can be both gentle as well as powerful in nature. The intensity of the same would depend upon the reason for which the same is being used. Many might skip this saying that what can spells do with attracting another person to one’s life. But in reality spells can really work wonders in a person’s life and can turn it into one which one might not even expect it to be. There are various kinds of love spells which you can use in your day to day life to make it more thrilling without causing harm to others. One such simple spell which you can try out is to find an ideal date on the valentine‘s day. If you are looking for one and do not have a partner to go out with, you can use a spell to get on that special day. Al you need to do is to light a red candle on the 1st Friday night at the twelfth hour and raise the candle till you can see the moon at its fullest. Toast it for an ideal partner and ask the powers of the universe to get you your ideal partner. Utter the words while you raise the candle, saying:- “Oh spirits of love awaken Listen to what I ask Let me partner come from the wilderness To take me to his fairyland Oh listen, the spirits around Oh listen to my prayers Make my wish come true Oh listen, the spirits around”.

mercredi 12 novembre 2008

Astrology: Irish Astrology and Celtic Symbols

Celtic Tree Astrology, another name for Irish Astrology, is the system of astrology practiced by the ancient Irish. The Druid symbol system forms the basis of Irish Astrology and not the traditional systems like Chinese, Vedic or Western astrology.

The Celtic symbols are drawn from the faith in Druids. It is based on the lunar cycle in which the year is classified into 13 months. A unique tree, that is considered as sacred by druids, is assigned to each of these months. Each of these trees has a distinct magical quality. The mystery behind these magical trees has been derived from the Ogram – the ancient shamanic alphabet. It is believed that the tree alphabet originated from the God of Poetry, also referred to as Celtic Herkules.

The Druids were actually Celtic priests who lived in Britain, Ireland and many parts of Western Europe. However, the arrival of Christianity led to their downfall due to the persecutions of the Roman Government. Many of the well known Celtic scholars explained that the Vedics and Celtic astronomy are quite similar to each other. They found out that Celtic astrologers made use of systems that were extremely similar to the ones used in Vedic astrology.

Many classical writers like Caesar, Cicero, and Pliny described Celts as ‘master of astronomy.’ The Romans also paid accolade to their astronomical practices. Martial was the first person to discover that ancient Celts believed that the world was not flat, but spherical.

The Irish people, particularly the Celts, have had an ancient custom of astrological learning that was prevalent even several years before Christianity was. It also precedes the up rise of Latin and Greek learning. This rich and primordial tradition of the Celtic astrology has been neglected for a very long time.

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mercredi 29 octobre 2008

The Brief History of Wiccan Religion

Before you set out on a life transforming journey, it is essential that you have complete knowledge regarding the history of that adventure, particularly if what you are getting involved in is a system of belief or a religion like Wicca. Most of us know that the present Wiccan religion came into existence in 1954 with the efforts of Gerald Gardner. He authored a number of texts which influenced the likes of Freemasonry, Theosophy, Aleister Crowley, and many more occult sources. This gave birth to the present day Wicca religion that exists today.

At present, Wicca is one of the most rapidly developing religions in the continent of North America. Actually, it is another name for ‘Witchcraft’. Though some believe that it is synonymous with Satanism, the truth is quite the opposite. Witchcraft gained momentum during the middle age. However, the presence of immense superstition gave rise to supernatural power, thus creating a ‘hodge podge’ of the practitioners of Witchcraft in the world. The present day Wiccans distance their practice from Christianity as they view it as a ‘male dominated’ religion. They believe that there should be proper balance in all the aspects of life.

Recently, archaeologists had discovered a collection of Papyri somewhere in Egypt which had increased the knowledge about this religion. The fragments of this sacred teaching have also given rise to various branches of Magick Path. The various branches of witchcraft do not leave out even a single discipline of the core Magick Principle that was obtained from the Magick Papyri. Thus, it can be said that witchcraft unleashes the immense power of Magick at your feet.

The presence of the right teacher when coupled with the ancient secrets of Magick will undoubtedly evoke one’s ability to change the environment around him in amazing ways.

3 Tips for Practicing Wicca Free Spells, How to Make Your Owns

Here are a few handy tips to practice Wicca free spells and also to create your very own tips to make them work. Pursue these whilst generating your charms and performing them. Even if not ordinary, these secrets are quite simple to understand and easy to make them work.

1. We all know that the world is made of various energies, and each one of these have explicit pulsations. To study the ways and workings of these energies, with the help of various natural elements from plants and rocks to the basic elements like fire and water is very interesting and useful. Understanding them will enable you to cast spells perfectly. Once you do get the hang of it, you will be able to master the art very easily. Achieving your goal couldn’t get any easier.

2. When you make a spell, remember it is not a rhythmic composition meaning they necessarily need not rhyme. The content of the spell is what matters the most. It should stately your goal, clearly and precisely. Do not complicate them and further complicate your life; keep them simple. Once you understand the vibrations, this step becomes easier. You have to use phrases that will effectively help you in visualizing your goal. Involve yourself completely and do not play with your emotions; it is important to keep them straight and try being objective.

3. After you are done perfecting the first two steps, you will get a hang of making your own spells. The most challenging part is to study the usage of different materials like rocks and herbs, fragrances and colors and what role they play in your sacrament.

The mentioned tips above are the main inputs in creating a basic spell to realize a reasonable and common dream or desire. As already said, it takes time to learn the different attributes that are being used in these rituals. Nothing can be perfect right from the beginning - it will start becoming clear with practice. Nevertheless, if you expand your perception, you certainly have the aptitude to instantaneously generate spells in the wink of an eye. Practicing the above tips will enable you to master the art of spell casting and you don’t have to copy them anymore. You can do them all by yourself. All the best!

Wicca - An Old and New Religion

Due to its ancient past, Wicca is considered to be an extremely old religion. During the middle age, a form of this religion existed in Europe. However, all forms of witchcraft were attacked by Christians at that point of time as they considered it to be pagan – that is counter effort to the works of Christians. Some examples of this include Spanish Inquisition and witch hunting in Salem. Due to this, witchcraft suffered immense persecution leading to the suppression of this movement.

The up rise of the Wiccan religion began once again in the 20th century when a large number of scholars started studying the traditions and history of this religion. As a result, the laws that were against this practice were reviewed. This religion underwent immense transformation and was interpreted by Gerald Gardner in a way that suited the present time. This modern interpretation of the Wiccan religion has also led to the revival of the connected that existed somewhere under ground. However, rejoining hallowed places such as England’s stone hedge gave the impression of their union with the ancient traditions.

Wicca is considered to be a novel religion due to the change in its form and the changes that it has undergone. For instance, women play a major role in this religion; they are urged to lead, as well as derive a meaning and purpose from this Wiccan community. The present age Wiccan religion has witnessed active participation from women and focus on women related issues through books and other means. Due to this, the Wiccan religion gets a distinct image when compared to the male dominated version of the earlier times. Men were central forces in the Wiccan movement in the medieval times. However, this situation has changed to a great extent.